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Earth Day and the green energy economy

April 22, 2010

Today is the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day and our BCCGE co-spokesperson Gene Vickers has marked the occasion with a great letter to the editor about the opportunities we have to create a green energy economy – locally and globally – and the actions we need to take in response to the energy challenges facing our planet. 

As Gene’s letter points out,  50 percent of our future electricity needs in B.C. will have to be met through the development of new sources of electricity, because conservation and energy efficiency alone will not cover the whole load. 

Here’s a copy of Gene’s letter as printed in the Nanaimo News Bulletin.

 Green energy economy needed

Earth Day is upon us once again.

It’s a day to take stock of the challenges facing our planet and reflect on the actions we need to take, and the opportunities we have, to build a sustainable green energy economy – locally and globally.

Energy conservation will unquestionably be a major part of any green energy future, and during last month’s Earth Hour British Columbians showed they have the right stuff and saved 64.6 megawatt hours of electricity – the equivalent of turning off about 1.4 million lights.

And looking ahead to 2020, a full 50 percent of B.C.’s future electricity needs are going to have to be met incrementally through energy conservation.But in order to meet the other 50 percent of our energy needs in B.C., and support our green energy and green economy goals, we’re also going to have to develop many new sources of renewable energy.

Fortunately, B.C. is blessed with an abundance of renewable energy resources, from wind and run-of-river to geothermal and tidal, all of which environmentalist Bill McKibben (co-founder of says are “precisely the kinds of renewable energy that every Earth Day speech since 1970 has trumpeted.”

Earth Day 2010 could be a major turning point in the planetary quest for green jobs, energy efficiency and renewable energy.

The challenges are there but so are the opportunities.  It’s up to us.  So let’s take stock, reflect and dream on this Earth Day and then let’s take action to make the green energy economy a reality.

Gene Vickers

B.C. Citizens for Green Energy 

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  1. November 12, 2010 3:04 pm

    Green energy is a great thing that everyone should support! There’s many easy and affordable ways to make our homes more energy efficient!

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