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B.C. Clean Energy Act unveiled

April 28, 2010

The province has just unveiled the new Clean Energy Act and released the Green Energy Advisory Task Force report

In a press release, the Premier says the Clean Energy Act “opens the way to an exciting new age of economic growth and job creation by unleashing British Columbia’s full potential in clean energy, power smart technologies, environmental stewardship and climate action.”

The Premier went on to say: “We want British Columbia to become a leading North American supplier of clean, reliable, low-carbon electricity and technologies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions while strengthening our economy in every region.”

Energy Minister Blair Lekstrom says “the Clean Energy Act builds on the work of the Green Energy Advisory Task Force” and provides a new statutory framework “to encourage new investments and jobs, strengthen BC Hydro and secure British Columbia’s power needs at low rates for generations to come.”

Minister Lekstrom also spoke about British Columbia’s “proud history of producing clean, reliable electricity at rates that are among the lowest in North America.”

The Premier added that the Act “will maximize the value of our public heritage assets for the benefit of British Columbians by forever securing competitive rates and generating new streams of revenue for crucial public services.”

There’s lots of material to go through and we’ll keep you posted as it all unfolds.


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