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BCCGE praises new Clean Energy Act

May 3, 2010

If you haven’t seen it already, we sent out a BCCGE media release last Friday applauding the new B.C. Clean Energy Act and the regulatory certainty it brings to the green energy sector — for energy producers and consumers alike.

The Act also creates a solid foundation for exporting renewable green energy to places like Alberta and the U.S., moving B.C. a step closer to becoming the renewable green energy powerhouse it should be.   

Having an effective export policy in place is key to unlocking B.C.’s green energy potential, and it’s a subject we explored at length in our recently-released research report entitled: A Triple Legacy for Future Generations: British Columbia’s Potential as a Renewable Green Energy Powerhouse.

Our Triple Legacy report shows that unlocking the province’s green energy resources could potentially generate billions of dollars in public revenue for the citizens of British Columbia — potentially enough to wipe out the province’s debt and eventually even replace the revenue now raised through the provincial sales tax (PST). 

You can click here for a copy of the report.

We’ll continue to follow the vibrant discussion being generated by the new legislation.

And judging from the discussion and media reports generated by the Clean Energy Act and last week’s Site C announcement, it’s safe to say the level of public awareness about energy issues in B.C. has already increased substantially.


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