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Schwarzenegger: “girlie-men” afraid to fail

January 25, 2011

Although California’s two-term gubernatorial limit stopped Arnold Schwarzenegger from running for a third term as governor, it hasn’t stopped his steadfast support for clean energy.

As reported by Kelly Cryderman from The Calgary Herald, Schwarzenegger spoke to a crowd of about 2,200 in Calgary this afternoon, primarily about the passion, intensity and drive that propelled him from “bodybuilding champion, to action star, to leading the eighth largest economy in the world.”

Schwarzenegger said: “If you’re afraid to fail, you are a girlie-man” (a self-deprecating reference to the famous “Hans and FranzSNL sketch that spoofed Schwarzenegger’s bodybuilding past).

When asked if he would go north for a tour of the oilsands, Schwarzenegger was open-minded and said: “I love to explore different areas and things that I don’t know about.”

But he was also quick to add that solar, wind and other renewables are the way of the future: “The key thing I think with energy . . . is that we figure out this century how we can get off fossil fuels.”

So, for us, the take-away from Schwarzenegger’s speech is that we need to be fearless in our pursuit of clean, green renewable energy.  

Failure is clearly not an option and “girlie-men” is something we cannot afford to be.

Click here to read the whole article from The Calgary Herald.

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