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Time to support what we’ve already started

October 6, 2011

If ever there was a time for supporters of renewable green energy development in B.C. to write to their MLAs to voice their support, now would be the time.

Particularly if your MLA sits on the government side of the legislature; because it’s the government side MLAs who will soon render a decision to either accept, reject or modify the recommendations contained in the recent BC Hydro rate review report (including the recommendation to redefine “self-sufficiency” in a way that waters down the current policy and the clear economic, environmental and social objectives it embodies).

To make it really easy to send an email message to all of the government side MLAs at the same time, we’ve put together the following list of email addresses for the government MLAs which you can copy and paste as a block into the “To” or the “Bcc” or the “Cc” field of whatever email program you use.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Even if your MLA doesn’t happen to sit on the government side of the legislature, it’s still very important for renewable energy supporters to send a quick email to the government MLAs to let them know that renewable energy development is important to you and to our province and inextricably intertwined with our economic, social and environmental objectives (e.g., jobs and economic opportunities for First Nations).

There are far-reaching consequences to the recommendations currently being considered by the government side MLAs, not the least of which is the prospect that renewable energy investment in this province could vanish in a flash if the province’s commitment to renewable energy is not clear and unequivocal.  And fleeing investment capital would very obviously take untold numbers of jobs and economic opportunity with it.

We need to support what we’ve already started in this province with renewable energy development.  Now is not the time to abandon the goal of electricity self-sufficiency and the jobs that renewable energy development creates and supports province-wide.

If B.C. wants to be a “climate change leader” as the Jobs Plan states, then we need to stay the course with renewable energy development and self-sufficiency and not miss the opportunity we have to meet future electricity load growth in our province the right way with renewable clean energy — because today’s renewable energy is tomorrow’s cheap electricity.

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