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B.C. Citizens for Green Energy (BCCGE) is a volunteer group representing a cross-section of British Columbians concerned about our province’s energy future — specifically our clean, green, renewable electricity future.

The group came together in late 2007 and was officially launched in March 2008 with the unveiling of a B.C. Citizens for Green Energy website.

We’ve learned a lot about green energy and electricity since we started in 2007, and we hope the information on our website — which represents the cumulative result of our efforts — is helpful and informative.

We’ve also issued a number of media releases and reports that we should be of interest to anyone concerned about British Columbia’s green energy future.

We have an enormous potential for generating clean electricity here in B.C. using several well-proven renewable energy technologies such as run-of-river hydro and wind power. We also have enormous geothermal, biomass, wave, tidal and solar energy potential.  We are extremely fortunate to have been blessed with so much by climate and geography.

We can be contacted by email at and we also have an interactive blog: the BCCGE Livewire.

We need clean electricity for the sake of our planet, for the sake of future generations and for the sake of our rapidly growing population.  

B.C. Citizens for Green Energy

Find out how B.C. could become North America’s pre-eminent green energy powerhouse

and please…

Click here to Read our Triple Legacy report!

Our Triple Legacy research report explores B.C.’s immense potential for generating renewable green energy and the substantial revenue that could be generated for the people of B.C. through an effective export policy.
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